Forbes on SPRINGBOARD: “Double Up on Happiness and Meaning with Others”

Kare Anderson writes on about G. Richard Shell’s popular “Success Course” at Wharton, and his new book, SPRINGBOARD:

Booklist gives SPRINGBOARD a starred review

“In addition to [Shell’s] obvious expertise in the specialities of negotiation, persuasion, and interpersonal influence, his outstanding book on achieving success has exactly what this kind of examination needs, common sense and encouragement.” – Brad Hooper, STARRED Booklist

Huffington Post on SPRINGBOARD

Kare Anderson writes about G. Richard Shell and SPRINGBOARD in her Huffington Post piece, “Wharton’s Popular ‘Success Course’ Boosts Happiness”:

G. Richard Shell featured in Fast Company

Laura Vanderkam’s excellent Fast Company piece, “How Creating a Better Bucket List Becomes a Blueprint for Living Your Best Life,” features G. Richard Shell and SPRINGBOARD (

“The biggest payoffs from making a bucket list don’t come from taking great vacations–vacations are great anyway–but from upgrading life’s more mundane experiences. G. Richard Shell, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and author of Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success, set a life list goal to ‘Listen to every great book that everybody’s said they’ve read but no one has.’ Note the verb: listen. Shell consumes all this literature via audiobook in his car. When I met him at a coffee shop recently, he had been listening to David Copperfield on the way there. There are hazards–‘I was on the Pennsylvania turnpike and drove right past the Valley Forge exit because I was in the middle of the Trojan War”–but he’s also been reminded that “great books are really great.’ He’s listened to the Iliad, the Odyssey, and so forth by finding ‘this little white space in the day I can fill in.'”

SPRINGBOARD Chosen as Summer Reading Pick by Pioneer Press

SPRINGBOARD by G. Richard Shell has been chosen as one of four recommended summer reads by the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Amy Lindgren writes:

“What sets this book apart from other career and business titles is that [Shell] has no system for achieving success. Instead he offers a series of questions, exercises and anecdotes sandwiched around more literary references than an English major could shake a stick at…..If you’d like to plumb the depths of your career crisis before moving forward, this book can be your guide.”


University of Virginia Magazine features SPRINGBOARD in its latest issue:

“G. Richard Shell’s (Law ’81) new book,Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success, due out this week, is designed to help readers face any kind of transition in life – from college to work, from one career to the next, or from working to retirement. It distills several decades of research, work with fellow scholars, and deep discussions with students and executives…”.