I regularly deliver workshops and lectures for organizations, industry meetings, and general audiences.  Contact me if you would like more information on the workshops/lectures I summarize below.


Workshop 1: What is Success?

This presentation and workshop is based on my latest book – Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success.  In it, I challenge audiences to investigate two deeply personal questions:

* How do I define success in my life?

* What are my strengths and weaknesses in terms of success-oriented practices?

The event includes a personalized, interactive profiler to help participants discover their current success beliefs and a story-filled presentation on what modern social science research teaches about key components of success, including such things as happiness, achievement, excellence, and meaningful work.


Workshop 2: The Art and Science of Effective Negotiation

I am the founder of the negotiation program at the Wharton School and this workshop draws on my decades of experience in this field.  The workshop is based on my global best-seller, Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People, which has been translated into fourteen languages. The workshop can be tailored to focus on negotiation issues related to sales, purchase and procurement, negotiations within organizations, leadership, specific companies and industries, and specific issues relating to negotiations. This program provides participants with practical tools they can use immediately to improve negotiation outcomes.  My negotiation workshops teach participants a systematic process for approaching any kind of negotiation situation. Longer programs feature hands-on negotiation exercises that let participants experiment with new negotiating approaches. Shorter ones feature entertaining film clips to illustrate lecture points.  All of my workshops utilize a personality-based, bargaining styles assessment each participant takes to help individualize their insights.


Workshop 3: Influence & Persuasion in Organizations

Persuasion and influence inside organizations is a core skill for everyone who has to get things done in a complex work environment. It is also crucial if you selling to or buying from a large company or government unit.  I have hands-on, detailed professional experience in this area that I bring to my workshops and lectures. Nobody ever gets too skilled at influencing those around them so that the right things get done more often and more efficiently. This workshop and lecture is based on my book (co-authored with Mario Moussa) The Art of Woo: Using Strategic Persuasion to Sell Your Ideas.

If you or your organization is trying to win support for important initiatives, achieve organizational alignment, or implement complex business strategies, the insights from this program will pay immediate dividends. Through a series of interactive discussions and role-plays, you will answer four key questions: What is my communication style? What is my organizational culture? What is the optimal way to achieve buy-in for my ideas? How can I generate lasting commitment?  After this training session, participants experience enhanced self-awareness, including emotional intelligence, and can better learn to utilize heightened organizational intelligence, including the skills needed to assemble winning coalitions.